Handyman magazine cover November 2014 The benefits of HomeLeisure’s WaterSaver pots variety are many, and they’ve been recognised in the November 2014 edition of Handyman magazine.

Our range of WaterSaver pots and planters have a unique water collection device that provides a reservoir of water without having the roots sitting in it. The specially designed feet in this reservoir allows water to travel up to the soil using capillary action, which keeps the soil moist and provides sufficient water to the plant without drowning the roots. This will help you grow stronger plants and reduce watering frequency despite the harsh Australian climate, most importantly during summer.

The watersaver pots are from superior recycled materials, they are crack-resistant, lightweight, UV-stabilised and manufactured right here in Australia.

WaterSaver is available at Bunnings, Stratco, and Flower Power garden centres and online. Take a look at our range here.