Handyman magazine cover March 2015 featuring seed propagation adviceThe March 2015 edition of Handyman magazine featured our REKO Grow Your Own Seedlings 8-Cell 8pk seedling trays along with their advice on how to grow your own plants from seed.

There is nothing more rewarding in the gardening world than growing your own garden from seed, and our range of specialist pots allows you to do propagation with ease. The REKO GYO range includes punnets, seedling pots, seedling trays, trays for seedling trays, as well as paper pots and peat pellets.

Growing a garden from seed is a cheaper option than buying more advanced young plants, plus watching something that started as small as a grain of sand turn into a tall, strong plant brings an immense sense of satisfaction. Furthermore, if those plants are fruits or vegetables, then the reward is even greater.

Of course, REKO by HomeLeisure is here to help. When it is time to transplant, reduce the shock to your young ones and stimulate root growth by using a seaweed solution to water them in.