A current red-hot trend is vertical gardening, also referred to as wall gardens. As backyards become smaller and space a premium, wall gardens allow you to grow plants and enjoy gardening easily and efficiently while creating some amazing effects. Instead of across, think up.

It may seem like wall gardens are a recent phenomenon, however, the Maranello Wall Planters by HomeLeisure have been around for some time, making them like ‘hipsters’ of this now-mainstream way to garden.

The wall garden feature with Maranello Wall Planters

The wall garden feature with Maranello Wall Planters

They were recently featured on the Network Ten’s The Living Room in a garden renovation segment with Jamie Durie. Affixed to a timber-framed Colorbond sheet, the staggered Maranello Wall Planters with overflowing Ceropegia Woodii plants – also called String of Hearts, Rosary Vines and Sweetheart Vines – created a striking feature installation and a waterfall-like effect.

Wall Planter 370mm Charcoal

The Maranello Wall Planter featured on The Living Room

The Maranello Wall Planters are available in two sizes – 300mm and 370mm – and three colours – charcoal (as featured), terracotta and green. Proudly made in Australia for Australian conditions, their thick-walled construction helps to reduce water loss and your plants dehydrating. They are suitable for growing a variety of plants including herbs, foliage varieties and creepers, and are a durable way to build a wall garden in your home or even in the office.

Maranello Wall Planters are available at Bunnings stores.