Modernize Your Laundry, For Less

Modernize Your Laundry, For Less

We love to renovate our homes, but doing so costs thousands of dollars and it’s a very stressful time to go through. Or if you have renovated, next you need new furnishings and accessories to go with your new look. Here’s an item to help get a modern laundry look for less.

We have a range of laundry baskets and clothes hampers are out now in modern, contemporary colours of charcoal, cool grey, green and crisp white. Plus there are matching buckets and pails in charcoal and white too for a complete ensemble.

If you can’t afford a renovation and want to give your laundry or bathroom a quick lift in its appearance without breaking the bank, updating your clothes baskets or hamper is an easy and affordable way to achieve a fresh new look.

On the other hand, if you have renovated your laundry and have chosen up-to-date neutral tones and shades, HomeLeisure’s range will allow you to team with the theme and achieve a coordinated appearance.

But then again, if you are a traditionalist and prefer everything to be clean and crisp white, that’s covered too.

Here is the range in their new colours:


Grey may be more your thing. With a close appearance of silver (faux silver, perhaps?), our grey range is another way to give a room an affordable lift and look a little more elegant with a hint of shimmer.

Think of grey as being charcoal’s lighter, brighter sibling. Grey is also colour’s best friend – while looking great together and complimenting each other, grey lets colour be the centre of attention by taking a step back. Grey also goes very well with stone and neutral beiges tones too. And if grey works better in one room and charcoal in others, the two work well together as well so you can use both and still maintain a common theme.


Maybe green is more you style well we have that covered as well with our large 62L Trend Linen Hamper is made with a sturdy plastic design, perfect for all types of laundry before washing day.


White is the traditional and most common colour there is in Australian bathrooms and laundries, so naturally, the range is available in white too.

White represents simplicity, clean and open spaces. Especially in bathrooms, we often choose white for tiles and paint with a touch of neutral or colour for trimmings. The best thing with this style is you can then add colour by way of towels and accessories, and then change them cheaply and easily as often as you like. So in a white bathroom, you can maintain the airy feel with a white linen hamper, or go for a bold and daring look with charcoal, meanwhile, in the laundry, a white laundry basket will complement your washing machine and dryer.

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