Valentine’s Day is here again, and we are all eager to impress our loved ones with a gift from the heart. While flowers purchased from florists are a nice thought, they perish soon after. Why not give a gift that keeps giving? A potted plant that flowers, again and again, displayed nicely in a decorative pot, may just be the ideal gift for that special someone this year.

So, we’ve done all the hard work for you pairing three delightful flowers with three equally delightful potting solutions.

Match 1: Roses and the WaterSaver Fluted Round Planter

Roses and WaterSaver Fluted Round Planter by HomeLeisure

Roses at the window” by Liz West by CC 2.0 / Colour corrected and cropped from original

The quintessential flower for displaying your feelings. The rose has a longstanding reputation as the flower to give, alongside chocolates, to say ‘I love you’. The best part about roses is the plant lasts for years and years – really giving you bang for your buck! To ensure the longest life, and survival through the winter, it’s best to purchase bare-root roses. Roses also require a substantial space in which to grow, making the 400mm WaterSaver Fluted Round Planter by HomeLeisure perfect. The planter features a water reservoir that will provide hydration to your plants while you’re away all while displaying the roses nicely with its soft and classic style.

Match 2: Camellias and the Patio Tub Square Planter

Camellia and Patio Tub square Planter by HomeLeisure

Camellia / 椿(ツバキ)” by TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋) t by CC 2.0 / Colour corrected and cropped from original

The camellia is a perfect way to express your admiration and feelings for someone. Camellias come in a variety of different colours, with pink and red indicating the more romantic of gestures. Ideal for semi-shady spots and cooler breezes they make a fitting plant for the ending of summer – and the need for regular water is where the Patio Tub Square Planter by HomeLeisure makes the perfect partner. The lightweight and porous material of the pot ensures that soil retains water for longer, creating a safer environment from accidental water-logging. No saucer is required for this pot, making it easy to display in or outdoors.

Match 3: Chrysanthemums and the Replicotta Round Pot

Chrysanthemum and Replicotta Round Pot by HomeLeisure

Yellow Chrysanthemum” by Joe deSousaby CC 2.0 / Colour corrected and cropped from original

For a long-enduring love, you’ll need a long-enduring flower, and Chrysanthemum is an easy flower to keep alive. They enjoy drier soil and protection from the afternoon sun, and following these simple instructions you should find yourself with a full harvest! Chrysanthemums may look sweet and lovely, but they’re strong and able to grow in the ground over Australian winter. Our match to this is a pot with some serious texture, the 300mm Replicotta Round Pot by HomeLeisure. With the look and feel of real terracotta without the weight and delicacy, this pot is the perfect match for this flower.

These are just some of the perfect matches we’ve made for this Valentine’s day, now you have to make your own. Let us know which is your favourite combo and tag us on Instagram of your creations, oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!