Lexi laying in a WaterSaver fluted planter with cat grass at the Cat Cafe Melbourne

Anyone who has a cat knows that they enjoy a nibble on some grass every now and then.

But a snooze in it too?

We saw this image from Cat Café Melbourne of cute Lexi taking a nap in cat grass, and noticed that it is planted in one of our HomeLeisure WaterSaver Self-Watering Fluted Rectangular Planters.

The stone colour makes the colour of the grass really stand out, and obviously, Lexi thought it was the perfect size for his tired body after a hard day entertaining cat lovers.

Called dactylis glomerata and also known as cock’s-foot or orchard grass, cat grass is good for cats because it acts as a laxative and helps their digestion with passing hairballs, is rich in vitamins and minerals just like we eat our veggies, and … can be very comfortable. Dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits enjoy it too, and it even makes a simple, low-maintenance, decorative grass for gardening and landscaping.

Cat grass is available from most local nurseries and garden centres in pots and is easy to grow from seed. It is a good idea to grow some outside in gardens and indoors in pots, so your pets can get to it when they need it. It grows all year round and prefers full sun, so make sure you take the pots of it outside regularly so it gets the sunlight it needs, or keep it beside a sunny window.

WaterSaver Fluted Rectangular Planter 480mm Stone, perfect for growing cat grass

Cat-loved WaterSaver Fluted Rectangular Planter in stone colour

The HomeLeisure WaterSaver Self-Watering Fluted Planters are ideal to grow cat grass in as well as many other plants where you want to introduce colour and life to an otherwise empty area. They’re made of UV-stabilised polyurethane for long-lasting durability, and feature a built-in reservoir to keep your plants watered as they need it to prevent root-rot, disease and dehydration, ideal for the hot Australian climate.

The WaterSaver range is available in rectangular, round and square shapes, a variety of sizes and colours, and best of all are proudly made in Australia. Being lightweight, taking your potted cat grass inside and out is easy.

If you don’t have a feline family member at home, then the Cat Café is for you. It is a calm and relaxing place in the Melbourne CBD where you can enjoy some companionship from cuddly kitties that have received a second chance from shelters.

Say hi to Lexi for us!